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EVE: Valkyrie

CCP Games Puts You in the Cockpit As a Real Legendary Fighter in This Trailer

Will you dare to rise with the legendary pilots?

Virtual reality (VR) is something that we are reaching to in order to escape our own reality, and that is what CCP Games really visualises in this trailer for EVE: Valkyrie which was released just one day after the release of it on PlayStation VR.

Below you can check out the trailer whree you can see how flying your own aircraft has dated back from the World Wars, showing vintage footage, where pilots became heroes. Pilots were brave and daring, and they were guardians and protectors – and that is exactly the kind of role you will be taking up when you get on board with EVE: Valkyrie. There are plenty of parallels to draw with what we experience in real life to what you experience in this title, and that is what CCP Games is getting you to realise in this.

EVE Valkyrie Screenshot

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