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Coates Group

Coates VR Aims to Deliver B2B Design Tools

Coates Group reveals a new design tool aimed at marketers and merchandising.

Coates Group, a specialist in digital merchandising software, kiosks, and digital drive-thrus, has announced the upcoming launch of Coates Lab VR, a B2B software allowing brands to physically see and develop new digital hardware and content within their own virtual store. Targeting the world of digital merchandising, Coates Group aims to offer a platform for marketers and merchandisers to visualise their designs prior to final production.

Coates Group

With retail and restaurant technology advancing so rapidly, bringing ideas and products to life before they are superseded is a real issue brands continually struggle with. With Coates Lab VR, creative teams and designers can immediately see their merchandising ideas come to life using a virtual reality (VR) simulation of their customer’s environment. Until now, the first time a client saw the finished product was at the end of the design and manufacturing process, often resulting in new ideas about format and execution past the point of no return. Coates Lab VR now allows brands to test “riskier” concepts through the eyes of their customers without prototyping, time delays or incurring huge costs.

“We are delighted to offer this game changing advantage to our customers. The VR tool has proven to be a powerful and effective method to help brand designers, marketers and development teams efficiently ideate their own virtual store, and quickly land on the ideal design without costly and time-consuming prototypes,” says Leo Coates, CEO of Coates Group. “Brands can walk through their concept environment and change the content on digital signage using our proprietary Switchboard TM CMS, to test and visualize how different campaigns roll out in stores, allowing for real-time revisions to the proposed store environment.”

Coates Lab VR is a multi-function tool, which allows for use cases including visualisation of spaces and merchandising campaigns within. Coates Group has initially developed this tool with retail and quick service restaurants (QSR’s) in mind, given the opportunities and historical challenges. Coates Group is currently inviting clients, creative teams and developers to visit the Coates Lab in Chicago to experience this personalised VR experience. For more information contact info@coatesgroup.com, and stay right here at VRFocus for all the latest B2B innovations in VR.

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