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Epic Games Release Unreal Engine 4.14 Preview 1

Checkout the first preview for Unreal Engine 4.14.

Epic Games continually improves its popular videogame development software, Unreal Engine, adding new features for normal videogame creations as well as virtual reality (VR) experiences. Now studios who use Unreal Engine can start to get acquainted with the latest version, 4.14, with the first preview being launched.

Preview releases shouldn’t be used for actual videogame development as features are subject to change, alongside bugs and fixes to iron out. The preview sees several VR updates added, such as a new forward shading renderer. There’s also updates to the animation tools, compatibility with the latest platform SDKs and much more.


Below are the VR related updates for the Unreal Engine 4.14 preview, or head to the forum page for the full list.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Unreal Engine and Epic Games, reporting back with the latest announcements.

4.14 Preview Summary for VR

  • A Forward Shading Renderer for VR (Experimental) that supports high-quality lighting features, enables Multisample Anti-Aliasing, and is faster than the Deferred Renderer in select projects.
  • To use this, enable ‘Forward Shading’ in the Rendering Project settings and restart the editor.
  • To use MSAA, set the default Anti-Aliasing Method in the Rendering Project settings.
  • DBuffer Decals, Dynamic shadows and Capsule shadows do not handle MSAA properly yet and may exhibit artifacts along object edges.
  • Not yet supported in the Forward Renderer:
  • Screen space techniques (SSR, SSAO, Contact Shadows)
  • Shadow casting Movable Lights
  • Dynamically shadowed translucency
  • Translucency receiving environment shadows from a Stationary light
  • Light functions and IES profiles

VR Updates:

  • Multiview Support (Experimental) for the Mobile Forward Rendering path improves performance by reducing hitches of instanced stereo. You can enable this under Project Settings > Rendering > VR > Mobile Multi-View, then re-start the editor.

VR Editor Updates:

  • Landscape Editing in VR can now occur using motion controllers.
  • You can instantly Reset the world’s scale to its default by tapping the touchpad button while gripping the world. This makes it easy to get back to your “player’s size” while editing.
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