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FASTSIGNS And SpaceView Collaborate on Sales Strategy Using AR

Now the sign industry is getting in on augmented reality.

FASTSIGNS International, Inc. has announced a partnership today with computer software company, SpaceView, to offer franchisees and sales teams their visual sales tools using augmented reality (AR).

This new service enables users to take a photo of a space and place any virtual object in perspective and to scale. SpaceView’s technology shortens the sales cycle by providing clients with the material to make a better decision and keeps them engaged throughout the sales process.

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The new sales tool was originally unveiled at the FASTSIGNS Outside Sales Summit, and is now available to the worldwide FASTSIGNS franchise network, which currently has more than 630 locations in nine countries worldwide.

“We are excited to introduce the latest technological advancement through SpaceView, which will allow our franchisees and sales teams to incorporate a visual sales tool into each site visit improving each client’s experience,” said Mark Jameson, EVP of Franchise Support and Development, FASTSIGNS International, Inc. “Through this partnership, we are one step ahead in providing our clients with an integrated design approval process that can be viewed on any mobile device in real-time, and will empower our sales teams.”

FASTSIGNS International is continually recruiting franchisees throughout the US, with more than 400 in the US and Canada, and 65+ international locations.

“We’re excited to offer augmented reality technology to FASTSIGNS that enables franchisees to more effectively communicate their vision to a potential customer,” said Cody White, Co-Founder and Vice President of Customer Success, SpaceView. “Since activation last month, our ultimate goal is to improve the way that the FASTSIGNS franchisees and sales teams do business in order to generate faster sales, increase deal sizes and create a better customer experience.”

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