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Fierce Kaiju Confirms Viral EX as Oculus Touch Launch Title

A remastered version will arrive this December.

For Oculus Rift owners keen to find out further information on the upcoming Oculus Touch motion controllers this week hasn’t disappointed. The Oculus Connect 3 keynote yesterday has had lots of new info, including the official price and launch date for the device along with newly revealed titles Lone Echo and Robo Recall. Now British developer Fierce Kaiju has announced it’ll be supporting Oculus Touch with a remastered version of Viral.

The original version of Viral arrived on the Samsung Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD) back in 2015 in which players face off against viruses in physics-based first-person gameplay.

Viral EX Screenshot1

For this new version, Viral EX, Fierce Kaiju takes advantage of the extra power of Oculus Rift to create an even glossier looking videogame with all the taught, frantic gameplay still in place. Playing as Ragnarok the Anti-Virus, gamers will be able to wage war across 50 stages filled enemies, traps and puzzles. Using Oculus Touch players will have access to a new dual-wield blaster and deflector shield combo, but the motion controllers aren’t required to play the classic gameplay version.

Oculus Touch will be shipping on 6th, December 2016, so that’s when Oculus Rift owners will have to wait until to play the title. Pre-orders for the controllers will begin next Monday, 10th October, retailing for $199 USD / £189.99 GBP.

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