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Final Approach: More Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

These additional achievements come with the Halloween Cargo Drop release.

Earlier this week it came that Final Approach has released a Halloween Cargo Drop, meaning that there are plenty of spooky add ons that have been created for the original title. Now you can check out the full list of achievements that have come along with this, but not all of it is relevant to Halloween.

As you will find out going down the list, there are only two additions made specifically for the Halloween Cargo Drop, and plenty of additional achievements generally made to Final Approach.



Full achievements list:


Halloween Cargo Drop


The following two achievements has come with the Halloween Cargo Drop, but it isn’t limited to the season and can be achieved at any time.


Pumpkin Picker

Get 3 Stars on Halloween Challenge “Popping Pumpkins”


Something Good to Eat

Get 3 Stars on Halloween Challenge “Trick or Treating”



Pilot Edition


46 Achievements have been added for Final Approach: Pilot Edition across both Steam and Oculus Home. Players can earn achievements to showcase on their profiles. Achievements  are  across  a range  of  difficulty and  seriousness,  from  landing  your  first plane  to  landing  1,000  or  letting planes  run  out  of  fuel.


Borrowing the Corporate Jet 

Land 100 Private Planes


Star Child

Get 3 Stars on all missions


Trigger Happy 

Shoot down 100 Enemies with Turrets


Noob Pilot

Land 1 Plane


Get to tha Choppa!

Land 1 Helicopter


Signal Officer

Land 100 Military Planes


Master Pilot 

Land 500 Planes


Preferred Traveler

Land 200 Planes at Metro Airport



Let 10 City Fires burn out of control and explode


Rotors, Not Propellers

Put out 50 Helicopter Fires


Pool Party

Drop a burning car in the rooftop pool in Metro  City



Land 1000 Planes


Shark Bait

Let the non-swimmers get eaten by sharks


Speed Run

Complete the Air Racer objective in Blue Skies in under 14.1 seconds


Crash Free 

Complete the Air Racer objective in Blue Skies without crashing



Throw a party in the Hangar Office


Fire Fighter

Put out 1 Plane Fire


Pest Control

Scare birds off 1 runway


Pilot’s License

Land 50 Planes


Outta Gas

Let 20 Planes run out of fuel


City Slicker

Land 200 Helicopters in Metro City


Code Breaker

Solve 20 Button Puzzles


Commercial License

Land 100 Commercial Planes



Capture 5 Criminals


Chopper Lander

Land 100 Helicopters



Successfully bomb 25 targets



Collect all Story Mission Badges


Baggage Man

Sort 100 pieces of Luggage



Complete a mission with full Karma


Engine Fire

Put out 100 Plane Fires


Et tu, Brute?

Crash 100 Planes


Last Minute Save

Land a plane that is out of fuel



Complete a mission with less than 10% Karma remaining


Ace Fighter

Shoot down 100 Alien Ships


Junior Pilot

Land 25 Planes


Island Native 

Land 200 Planes on Parrot Island


Expert Pilot 

Land 100 Planes


Fire Chief

Put out 25 City Fires in Metro City


Guns Blazing

Shoot down 100 Alien Ships with machine guns


Outta  Time

Fail a mission by letting the timer run out


Under the Bridge 

Fly under the bridge in the back of Metro City


Challenge Mode

These Challenge Mode missions were previously made available in Cargo Drop #1 for Final Approach.  This Cargo Drop brings all 3 Challenge Mode missions to Pilot Edition, as well.

All Challenge Mode missions are timed, objective-based missions where players can gain a 1 to 3 star rating based on their performance. All missions end when time runs out or the objective has either been passed or failed.


Metro Airport

Land, refuel, and launch planes without making any mistakes. If time runs out or you make a mistake, the mission ends!

1 Star = 10 Planes

2 Stars = 25 Planes

3 Stars = 50 Planes


Midway (Aircraft Carrier)

Shoot down UFOs that are attacking a carrier in the Midway using the guns on the military plane of your choice. You have 5 defending fighters, the mission ends when all 5 are dead or time runs out.


Metro City

Fly planes through rings in Metro City, pathing them in and around buildings. Mission ends when you make a mistake or time is up.

1 Star = 10 Rings

2 Stars = 15  Rings

3 Stars = 20 Rings

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