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Landfall - Mech

Force Field VR’s Landfall to Make Public Debut at Oculus Connect 3

The first footage of Landfall is now available.

In July at Develop: Brighton, Force Field VR’s CCO and co-founder, Martin de Ronde revealed during one of the sessions that the developer was: ‘working on a big budget, AAA exclusive with Oculus’. Apart from being a top-down action title nothing else about the project was revealed, until now. In an Oculus blog posting the company has now unveiled Landfall along with a short teaser trailer.

Described as an ‘immersive tactile action game’, Landfall puts players in a third-person view above the battlefield, similar to Halo: Spartan Assault, a title made by Vanguard Games who merged with Force Field VR earlier this year. But that view point doesn’t mean players can’t get into the heart of the battle, as and when required they’ll be able to jump into a first-person view, taking over weaponry to provide covering fire for team mates.

Landfall - Desert Battle

As the short video below showcases, Landfall is set on a world engulfed by civil war after a flood significantly reduced the landmass available for habitation. Players control their teams with a variety of weaponry and supplies that can be dropped in, including walking mechs with various combat loadouts. Special devastating power-ups also seem to be available allowing short bursts of high impact damage across or around a highlighted area.

The trailer highlights the fact that Landfall is a multiplayer warfare videogame, there’s no current details on the aspects of the multiplayer, whether it’s one-on-one or if multiple players can form teams. Also not mentioned is a single-player campaign mode for times when players want to hone their skills offline.

All will be revealed over the next few days as Landfall makes its public debut at Oculus Connect 3. The event begins today, but the main keynote address isn’t until tomorrow.

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