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Head Into the Nightmare World of Sophie’s Guardian on HTC Vive

There’s a limited time discount available for the title.

With Halloween just around the corner there’s nothing like some virtual reality (VR) horror to get into the spirit of the season. Arriving on Steam Early Access for HTC Vive this weekend is Sophie’s Guardian, a survival horror first-person shooter (FPS) from GameCoder Studios and Render Farm Studios.

Sophie’s Guardian centres around the titular character Sophie, a little girl who’s just moved into a mysterious house with her mum. Players take the role of Griff, a guardian teddy bear who must protect Sophie from hordes of possessed dolls.

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Developed using the Lodestone Engine Sophie’s Guardian features three gameplay modes Guardian, Gunslinger and Puppeteer. Guardian mode is essentially the story campaign, players have to make their way through 15 waves of evil doll with a boss fight at the end. Gunslinger is an endless mode where players can test their accuracy, reflexes and dexterity, ever increasing waves of enemies attack and gamers have last as long as possible. This mode also features global and local scoreboards to test players against each other. Puppeteer adds a local gameplay element where one person dons the HTC Vive to shoot the dolls, while a second player uses a controller and a monitor to manipulate the doll’s spawn points, trying to defeat the VR player.

The studio’s plan to keep Sophie’s Guardian in early access for around 2 – 3 months, during which time the final boss will be added, as well as new seasonal skins for the dolls and refined animations.

The title is currently on a limited time discount until 28th October, 2016. There’s a 25 percent discount available dropping the price down from £5.99 GBP to £4.49. A gameplay trailer can be seen below, and for further updates on Sophie’s Guardian, keep reading VRFocus.

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