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HTC and Syntrend Open Viveland in Taiwan

The arcade will only be open for six months.

Whether its Viveport, Vivepaper, the Vive X Accelerator programme or Vive Zones at InterContinental Hotels, HTC has continually strived to progress virtual reality (VR) around the world. Its latest development is Viveland, a VR arcade located in Taipei, Taiwan.

Viveland opened this weekend providing a range of over 20 experiences including Everest VR, Fruit Ninja VR and Zombie Camp. The arcade features open and closed booths as well as four themed zones which have gallery shooter Front Defense, racing simulator Project Cars, and Bounty VR a 4D experience where players shoot aliens and drive spaceships in a vibrating seat.


The Institute for Information Industry is behind the initiative, working with industry leaders including HTC, Syntrend, AMD, and SteelSeries, in partnership with the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Digital Content Industry Promotion Office, under guidance of the Industry Development Bureau.

“The AMD Radeon™ graphics card is specifically built for VR gaming,” said Daryl Sartain, Director of VR and Display Technology at AMD in s statement. “It offers consumers smooth and low latency gameplay with greater support for visual comfort. The AMD high-performance graphics card and HTC VIVE at VIVELAND will provide the best experience for consumers in a virtual reality world.”

“Syntrend has strived to bring the latest in innovative technologies to consumers, and HTC VIVE is the global leader in the field of virtual reality,” said Ray Wang, Business VP of Syntrend. “We are very excited to work with HTC in bringing the first ever VR arcade to Taiwan. Syntrend customers will be able to jump on the forefront of VR technology at VIVELAND and experience the latest and greatest in virtual reality games readily available worldwide.”

Located on the 3rd floor of the Syntrend Creative Park and covering 330 square meters, the Viveland arcade will be open for six months with prices ranging from NT$150 per session for The Walk, up to NT$400 per 30-minute session for the closed booth.

“Virtual reality’s core is in the sense of total immersion,” said Raymond Pao, Vice President of Virtual Reality at HTC. “The best VR experience is therefore dependent on the size of the physical space for sensing spatial 3D by consumers. VIVELAND is built with this purpose in mind, where consumers can fully enjoy the HTC VIVE experience without spatial restriction. We are excited to be again working with Syntrend in bringing the world exclusive immersive experience of VIVE to consumers of Taiwan. We will continue to build and perfect the VR ecosystem and bring true virtual reality into people’s lives.”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of HTC Vive, reporting back with any further updates.

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