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Limberjack Husqvarna-Pink

Husqvarna’s Limberjack Celebrates Female Loggers by Turning Pink for October

The free VR experience celebrates female loggers and arborists this month.

In September VRFocus reported on chainsaw manufacturer Husqvarna launching Limberjack on Steam for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD). An online virtual reality (VR) limbing and logging experience, Limberjack will this month celebrate all the female loggers and arborists around the world by changing the in-game chainsaw from orange to pink.

“The pink chainsaw is a symbol of our recognition of all female loggers and arborists around the world who spend their days taking care of trees and forests. We hope that this small initiative can serve as a reminder to raise awareness and funds that will help find a cure for breast cancer,” says Margaretha Finnstedt, Director of PR & Communication for the Husqvarna Division.

Limberjack Husqvarna-Pink

Limberjack takes its name from the action of ‘limbing’, the process professional loggers use to remove the branches from a felled tree. Set on a scenic mountainside, players have to use a Husqvarna 359 chainsaw to remove 24 branches from a 2.7 meter long log. The player needs to remove the branches quickly and accurately, just like a professional logger. If branches are not removed properly, the player will need to go back and re-do, losing time.

The title is free to download and features both local and highscore leaderboards for players to compete against. Each month Husqvarna will announce the best Limberjack player in the world, with the top twelve invited to the world championships final in Sweden.

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