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Improve Your Sport Shooting Skills with Clazer this Month

Time to improve those shooting skills.

Head to Oculus Home or Steam and you’ll find plenty for virtual reality (VR) shooting titles available for the Oculus Rift or  HTC Vive head-mounted displays (HMDs). The videogames come in all shapes an sizes, from shooting zombies and monsters to just plain old targets. There will be a new one added to that list later this month from SynapticSwitch called Clazer, which aims to make the art of sport shooting as realistic as possible.

Rather than just going for all out arcade action, hitting as many targets as possible in time limited challenges or big highscore multipliers, Clazer will take a more refined approach to VR shooting titles.

Clazer screenshot 2

Clazer goes for the simulation approach claiming that it can teach players the proper way to lead a target and shoot it accurately. The videogame utilises real-world physics along with patented technology from LeadTech to provide as realistic an experience as possible in VR.

There are three different versions that’ll be available, Clazer Skeet, Clazer Trap and Clazer Clays, each with its own particular shooting features depending on users preferences.

As SynapticSwitch has gone for a simulation design the various VR platforms have been optimised accordingly. For the Samsung Gear the version available is ‘Casual’ for each title, while ‘Serious’ is for more serious gamers with support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. At the top is the ‘Pro’ version, optimised for HTC Vive. On the official website both the Clazer Trap and Clazer Clays versions have a price of $49.95 USD, while Clazer Skeet just says there will be a introductory price. There’s no mention if the prices vary from platform to platform, but there’s a bundle offer listed for $139.95 for all three.

SynapticSwitch says Clazer will be available on Steam and Oculus Home/Store midway through October 2016, there’s no mention on when the PlayStation VR version will be launched.

As further details are released on Clazer, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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