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myWebRoom Creates VR Version For Google Cardboard and Gear VR Launching This Month

Customise your own space that other people can visit, and include the music or articles you love.

If you tuned into what was happening during Oculus Connect 3 this week then you would know one of the biggest themes was virtual reality (VR) as a social platform. This is clearly an important aspect of VR as a whole, and that is also what the creators of myWebRoom thought as so myVR will be materialising this month.

myVR is a Gear VR and Google Cardboard applications where users can customise their own rooms, and be able to stream or even discover others online. This is organised into 21 different topics, such as travel, sports, DIY, and food.

mywebroom myvr

“The current virtual reality market is focused heavily on games and 360 degree videos, so the majority of people who are using VR right now are gamers and early adopters,” said Artem Fedyaev, CEO of myWebRoom and creator of myVR.  “The goal of myVR is to bring virtual reality to a wider, more mainstream audience that wants a broader range of virtual experiences.”

The way that new users get into myVR is by designing an  interactive virtual room to use as their profile and select different items in the room to access different feeds of content – such as selecting the TV to watch viral videos or the music player to listen to their favorite songs.

There will be trending articles, recipes, videos, photos, and music, all of which come up as they’re published, making it social in the sense of engaging in what you would normally like to but in your own space that people can pop into.

There is no specific date for myVR’s launch, except that it will be available in October. For more on the latest news, updates, and features in the world of VR, check back with VRFocus.

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