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World War Toons screenshot

New Trailer for World War Toons Open Beta Released

A new trailer for the upcoming PSVR launch title.

When Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) PlayStation VR launches in just 12 days time Reload Studios will launch its open beta for World War Toons. The first-person, World War 2-themed shooter has now got a new trailer to celebrate that fact, showcasing the crazy cartoon carnage that awaits.

The trailer for World War Toons is just as bombastic as the videogame it’s promoting, proclaiming ‘Virtual reality is coming!’ at the start before diving headlong into some of the features players will soon be getting their hands on. From bazooka shooting and tank riding to character changing, piano dodging mayhem. It’s a fun filled look at the free multiplayer title, with giant walking red bombs, hamsters, chickens, face slaps, massive missiles being ridden, gun galore, pigs and loads of other zany ideas thrown in for good measure.

Reload Studios has been going all out over the past few weeks, revealing new characters such as the officer class General Mayhem, who’s a demolition expert and Sturm Shark, who’s German and a shark. There’s also been two female snipers, from Russia on the Allied side is Russian Olga Sniperova and from Austria there’s Adele Weiss. And because World War Toons doesn’t take itself seriously there’s a gorilla called Kongo who can hold three panzerschrecks under his arm and Tom Yeti who has the persona of an over exaggerated Swiss yodeller.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of World War Toons, reporting back with any further updates.

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