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Nightfall: Eclipse Coming to Steam and Oculus this Month

Terror comes to VR headsets this month from Zeenoh Inc.

When done right virtual reality (VR) horror can be a scary experience that some people love and others not so much. Filipino developer Zeenoh Inc. has now confirmed that its horror title Nightfall: Eclipse will be getting a VR version for Steam and Oculus Home during October.

In June the studio released Nightfall: Escape on Steam for PC users. This centred around Ara Cruz, a field journalist finds herself trapped in an old mansion. Nightfall: Eclipse then follows on from this putting players in the role of journalist Rianne Gonzales and her team as she visits the mansion.

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Inside are the monstrosities of Filipino folklore, one of those is the Tiyanak, a class of limbo-bound, human-consuming, hell babies.  As users make their way through the mansion they’ll be able to see, experience, and understand the fates of each of Rianne’s crew members. And with the unique source of Filipino folklore fuelling the game’s scares, players are sure to be treated to scares not seen in on western shores.

While Zeenoh Inc. has stated Nightfall: Eclipse will be on Steam and Oculus Home the studio hasn’t confirmed if it’ll be for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive or just the former. On Steam Nightfall: Eclipse will be a DLC add-on for Nightfall: Escape while on Oculus Home it’ll be a standalone videogame.

As further details are released for Nightfall: Eclipse, VRFocus will bring you the latest updates.

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