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Nokia OZO Software Suite Launches in Full for Mac with PC Beta Release

The professional grade 360 camera now has a bunch of new features available.

Nokia’s OZO 360-degree camera is one of the more expensive professional grade devices on the market. At launch it retailed for $60,000 USD, then in August the camera got a $15K price reduction. Today the company has announced the launch of an OZO Software Suite update for both Mac and Windows, although the two versions do differ slightly.

For Mac users, a full release is available immediately. But for PC users, a beta version – OZO Software Suite 1.3.0 for Windows – is available today and running through November 2016.


Features included in the updated version are: Cross-Platform OS Support, so that the software now supports both Windows 10 and MacOS Yosemite and El Capitan; support for the Oculus Rift CV1; faster stitching than the previous version; Rotated Monitoring, so that OZO Remote’s Real-Time Monitoring feature now supports the ability to mount the OZO camera upside-down and retain a right-side up monitoring view, and improved white balance.

The camera itself has also received new firmware updates that include: Assisted Exposure Mode, so that content creators can trigger the exposure on and off during recording and it can auto-adjust in reaction to lighting changes. There’s the OZO Remote Web interface, while using a standard web browser, the OZO camera and settings can now be controlled via a mobile device or tablet. And the camera now supports Wi-Fi Monitoring, meaning it’s now possible to use OZO Remote’s Real-Time Monitoring Feature without an SDI cable by connecting to the camera via Wi-Fi.

This isn’t a full comprehensive list of updates for the camera and software suite, many more have been added, these are just the main ones most users will be interested in.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Nokia OZO, reporting back with any further announcements.

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