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OK Go to Make VR Music Video With Within For Oculus

What crazy moves will they do in VR?

No, you haven’t been shot back into 2005, and how terrible that would be with the sheer amount of exciting news and progressive technology that has been on display today. Instead, OK Go has been said to be in the development of their own VR music video.

There really wasn’t much to be said about this, other than OK Go has made a partnership with Within’s Chris Milk to create their own VR music video. The idea of this piece is that you can be inside one of their whacky and strangely elaborate music videos, so who knows what could happen?

ok go within

Judging by the picture that was shown during the keynote with Yelena Rachitsky, who was one of the last people to come on and talk after Mark Zuckerberg, Brendan Iribe, Nate Mitchell, and many others, that we will be bombarded visually and presence-wise with a number of flying objects that may or may not come straight towards your face.

Yelena Rachitsky also announced the partnership with Disney, and the VR experience of the Blade Runner, which its sequel will be coming out next year.

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