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Princess Maker VR Coming to PC and Console Next Year

Bring up an infant girl the way you choose in VR soon.

An HTC Vive version of the Japanese title Princess Maker 2, aptly named Princess Maker VR, is being made and is set to be released next year.

When it was showcased at the Korean VR Festival 2016, MGame’s Princess Maker VR was described at a rebuild of Princess Maker 2, which is based on a father and daughter’s journey on her transformation from childhood to adulthood. Players have freedom on how to raise the child, and everything that they choose to do will show in how she comes out as an adult.

princess maker vr

Based on the original picture to market the title, shown above, it can be safely assumed that it will be coming to PlayStation VR as well as the HTC Vive on which it was demoed.

Princess Maker VR is to come out in 2017 for both PC and console. There is nothing to be said on the release in the US, but it will certainly be coming to VR fans in Asia.

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