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Rabbit Mountain Releases Jurassic VR 2, and Now You Can Even Ride the Dinosaurs

Get on a Pterosaur or a Raptor and check out what it’s like from their view.

Last month it was reported that Rabbit Mountain’s Jurassic VR had passed three million downloads on Google Play and iTunes for the Google Cardboard, and that the studio would be concentrating on the development of a thriller title. No word has come of this new game, which is to be developed alongside Zariba, but instead there is a new Jurassic VR, aptly named Jurassic VR 2.

There are a number of features that have been added compared to the original title, the main ones being you can actually ride the dinosaurs now, including flying Pterosaurs, and generally “joyriding dinosaurs”. There is a huge dinosaur island to explore, as well as a prehistoric museum if you want to look at the dinos closer without them moving around as they would in the simulator. The museum is made up of five halls filled with dinosaurs and a 360 degree video simulator where you can get even closer.

jurassic vr 2

Users will be able to interact with dinosaurs such as a T-Rex, Diplodocus, Pentaceratops, and others.

Jurassic VR 2 was only released last week, and it is racking up the downloads – however, it is still quite a way from how its predecessor did.

Available on both the Google Play store and iTunes, just the same as the first instalment, Jurassic VR 2 is available for free to download and enjoy on your Google Cardboard.

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