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Raw Data Free to Play This Weekend

There’s also a 25% discount available for those looking to buy.

Survios’ first-person shooter Raw Data has proved to be incredibly since its launch a few months ago, with Steam giving it a ‘very positive’ rating from user reviews. So this week for HTC Vive owners who haven’t yet tried the title the developer is having a free gameplay weekend.

For those that haven’t heard of Raw Data, the Steam Early Access title involves players fighting off waves of deadly robots wielding an arsenal of ranged and melee weapons. These include pump-action shotguns, explosive arrows, grenades, katana’s, or just use your fists in close-quarters combat, there’s also the option to duel-wield weapons for maximum damage. Raw Data features single-player, LAN co-op and online co-op.

Raw Data (1)

Earlier this week Survios released its biggest update yet for Raw Data adding a third character to the title. Boss: The Street Merc joins launch heros Bishop and Saija as the newest SyndiK8 operative, bringing with him the Dominator Shotgun, giving players some heavy duty two-handed firepower. The update also included two new missions, Thundershock and Extermination, a new enemy type – a teleporting ninja robot – as well as a new defence item, a shield station.

Raw Data is available now through to 16th October 1pm PST/8pm GMT for free, and for those that want to continue playing there’s a 25 percent discount available, dropping the price down from £29.99 GBP to £22.49. The discount offer runs until 17th October.

For all the latest Raw Data news, keep reading VRFocus.

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