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Rebellion Shares Its Top 10 Tips on How to Master Battlezone

Know when to use your weapons, and don’t forget about your teammates.

Rebellion revealed a bunch of big tips on its Battlezone forum, and this is the best way to ensure that you will find your way to “glorious victory”, especially for all those perfectionists making their way through campaigns.

There are 10 in total, and they all concentrate on different aspects of gameplay, so this isn’t all down to either how you should shoot or when you should hide.


The first tip is to get to know the cockpit. This seems simple enough, but if you don’t know your surroundings then there is no way of guarenteeing your victory. “Remember, you’re in VR now, and the Cobra is designed to give you awareness of your objectives, your arsenal and your environment.”

Second: switch weapons and exploit cover. Make sure you make real use of all that you have as your literal fingertips, and the more you play the more you will know exactly when to fire your missiles and use your machine guns. This all comes down to knowing the ranges that each of them are optimally used at, so take cover too.

Number three is to use your boost carefully. Don’t go around button mashing, because we all know that simply doesn’t work in strategic titles like Battlezone. “Be sure to look out for displays and alerts warning you when your shields are down.”


Fourth is to heal your co-up buddies, as no one likes a rogue on their team, and fifth is to use your blaster to gain ammo in order to carry on smoothly in the title.

Six is to hoover up data: “Look out for data stores to hack and data crystals to destroy, and also keep an eye out for the UFO – this guy sucks up data lying around the battleground, so it’s well worth taking it out to grab all that data back.”

The last four points are to boost your data income by collecting up all the blue nd yellow polygonal drops; take down shield generators, and sace special equipment for when you’re surrounded; and purchase extra lives.

For more of an insight into each of these points check out the post yourself.

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