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Secret Sorcery’s Tethered Hits PlayStation VR Next Week

The title is available to pre-order now.

If you’ve already received your PlayStation VR then you’ll be working through a veritable selection of launch videogames. But Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has also ensured the titles keep on coming during the launch window and now Secret Sorcery has revealed its strategy title Tethered will be arriving next week.

Tethered is a magical strategy videogame casting players in the role of a Spirit Guardian looking to restore balance. All the other guardians have been imprisoned inside ancient totems by an evil consuming the world, and by gathering enough Spirit Energy players will be able to free their fellow guardians. This is accomplished by aiding the inhabitants of the world, called Peeps, who in turn help the quest.

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Featuring 13 hand-painted islands, each serving as a level, players need to uncover each islands secrets, complete the puzzles and challenges, and gather enough energy to fill that islands totem to free the guardian.

The title features day and night cycles, each will its own tasks to complete. During the day the Peeps need to gather the Spirit Energy and resources needed to aid construction of defenses, because as soon as night falls the evil creatures that are running amok appear to feed.

Tethered will launch for PlayStation VR on 25th October. The title is available to pre-order from PlayStation.Store for £24.99 GBP, or for PlayStation Plus members the price is £19.99.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Tethered and PlayStation VR, reporting back with any further updates.

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