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SyncThink Receives Patent for VR Eye Tracking

The eye tracking company gains its 10th patent.

Eye tracking technology has yet to reach consumer virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs), but it’s seen as one of the most promising developments for the technology. SyncThink, a company focused on neuro-technology has announced today that it’s been granted another patent by the US Patent and Trade Office for adding eye tracking to VR headsets.

The patent builds upon SyncThink’s work on capturing eye tracking measurements which can be used to expand VR experiences through intuitive user interface, foveated rendering, virtual communication, or neurological evaluation.

SyncThink - EYE-Sync

“VR technology is the ideal environment for eye tracking. It’s a platform where we can provide powerful cognitive insights,” said SyncThink CTO, Daniel Beeler. ” The new patent will give us the ability to expand upon the already useful product we’ve created and the capabilities of multiple industries utilising VR headsets.”

Currently the company has been awarded ten patents, which in addition to eye tracking hardware also covers analytical techniques for stimulating, measuring, and training brain attention networks.

SyncThink has partnered with the Brain Trauma Foundation to generate the largest-ever ocular-motor normative database, studying over 10,000 individuals under clinical conditions. This data, in addition to the granted patents, will give the team at SyncThink the ability to continue improving its EYE-SYNC product for consumer use.

“The attention brain network is activated and can be evaluated by measuring eye tracking. Attention can be degraded in fatigue, distraction, or clinical conditions such as concussion” said Dr. Jamshid Ghajar, Chairman of the Board, Chief Scientific Adviser and Founder of SyncThink. “Also there are differences in attention between individuals that can be assessed. In evaluating attention, eye tracking is a very precise, reliable and very fast metric.”

Back in March, EYE-SYNC an integrated head-mounted eye tracking unit received FDA clearance. The device allows for the rapid, recording, viewing and analyzing of eye movement impairment through the use of VR.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of SyncThink, reporting back with further updates.

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