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Take to the Skies in the Latest Eagle Flight Trailer Ahead of Launch

Eagle Flight launches on Oculus Rift tomorrow.

With the launch of the PlayStation VR a few days ago a lot of news has been dedicated to the headset bringing VR to consoles for the first time. For Oculus Rift owners there’s a new videogame launch to look forward to in the form of Ubisoft’s Eagle Flight. The title arrives tomorrow and there’s a new launch trailer for those interested in soaring above the skies of Paris.

In Eagle Flight players control an eagle flying through the streets and skies of a long deserted Paris, that’s been reclaimed by nature. The videogame will feature single player missions comprising ring parkour and shooting challenges. While the multiplayer will allow up to six people to fight it out in the streets and skies, exploring Paris to find collectibles and hidden passageways to gain the advantage in several different modes.


The Ubisoft Blog recently spoke with Charles Huteau, creative director at Ubisoft Montreal on Eagle Flight who went into further detail about what to expect. “The game has three different modes: Free Flight, Multiplayer, and Story,” said Huteau. “The Story mode contains the journey of an eagle learning to fly and conquering Paris, divided into five chapters, and some extra challenges that come after completing those chapters. In multiplayer, you can play with up to 5 other players in a “capture-the-prey” mode.

“In the Story mode, you will encounter various enemy archetypes – the vulture, the bat and the falcon. Vultures can go fast and be a nuisance but cannot attack you back. Bats rarely attack you, but they have a powerful echo shield that can block your attacks. Falcons have all the same abilities that you do, so they can shield themselves from your Eagle Screech attack and attack you back. Then there’s the Black Falcon, which is the most powerful and dangerous enemy due to its extended life and endurance.”

While Eagle Flight will arrive for Oculus Rift tomorrow, it’ll also be launching on PlayStation VR on 8th November, and HTC Vive on 20th December 2016. Checkout the new trailer below, and for all the latest VR news from Ubisoft, keep reading VRFocus.

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