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The Best of PlayStation VR at Launch: Which Games Will You Be Playing?

The PlayStation VR’s software line-up is looking pretty full, but which should you choose?

The arrival of PlayStation VR is imminent. Gamers across the globe are preparing by purchasing additional PlayStation Move controllers, PlayStation Camera and all manner of accessories, but one of the most important factors remains undecided for many: which videogames should you play on your brand new piece of entertainment technology? VRFocus has dug in deep to help you decide which titles you should be buying on day one.

Slider: PlayStation VR

The launch line-up for PlayStation VR is extensive, to say the least. One might assume this was simply a case of developers wishing to be first with arrival of a new platform, but no console has ever arrived with such an extensive and varied catalogue of software. Instead, it’s the enthusiasm of the development community for the new medium – virtual reality (VR) – that has resulted in such quantity. For gamers, that provides as much difficulty as opportunity: it’s wonderful to have so many VR experiences to choose from, but which will actually be worth investing money in?

Off-the-bat it’s worth noting that every early adopter of PlayStation VR will receive free software. Playroom VR will be free to everyone, while those who snagged the PlayStation VR Core Bundle in North America will also receive PlayStation VR Worlds. Furthermore, there are a number of additional titles set to receive a free update for PlayStation VR compatibility. But, let’s be honest, who wants to replay videogames they’ve already completed again on the launch day of new hardware? No, you want something totally new; something that can justify that huge financial investment.

On the horizon are a number of truly fantastic looking titles for PlayStation VR. The likes of Farpoint, Resident Evil 7 biohazard, and Gran Turismo Sport are ready for the second wave of releases in 2017, but what about right now?

VRFocus has selected some of the best titles from the extensive launch line-up for PlayStation VR, divided by genre, to help you select the pick of the litter for your launch day purchases. Over the next few days we’ll be delivering a new selection from a new genre, so be sure to check back and let us know which videogames you’ll be playing on day one!

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