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The Best of PlayStation VR Launch: Horror Games

Take a look at the best horror videogames coming to PlayStation VR at launch.

Given the aggressive push for horror experiences in virtual reality (VR) at the dawn of the new medium, it’s surprising to see the genre so under represented at the launch of PlayStation VR. While the likes of Resident Evil 7 biohazard and DYING: Reborn will launch early in 2017, just three horror experiences will be available from day one.

Here They Lie is the most high profile horror title coming to PlayStation VR at launch. Developed by Tangentlemen, has been developed exclusively for the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD). So is true of UK studio Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – a horror experience merged with an on-rails shooter. Aside from that, Oasis Games will be bringing Weeping Doll to PlayStation VR at launch: three is enough for now, right?

Here They Lie – The Tangentlemen

Here They Lie transports the player to a terrifying world from which they cannot escape. Players will be tasked with exploring a nightmarish city inhabited by strange, malevolent creatures in this first-person horror videogame, designed from the ground-up to be compatible with PlayStation VR. Players must survive against overwhelming odds as they face life or death moral choices and try to uncover the mystery of the woman in yellow.

HereTheyLie_Screenshot 2_PS4
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – Supermassive Games

A spin-off from Supermassive Games’ hugely popular PlayStation 4 exclusive release, Until Dawn, this new title is designed specifically for VR. Instead of offering moral dilemmas as the player explores their environment and attempts to survive, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood puts the player on a roller coaster and, using the PlayStation Move motion-controllers, tasks them with taking out a wide variety of creeps using a varied arsenal. Technically it could be argued that Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is more of an on-rails shooter than a horror experience, but once immersed the setting of the videogame would openly state differently.

Until Dawn Rush of Blood_1

Weeping Doll – Oasis Games

TianShe Media’s Weeping Doll has a title that epitomises the definition of ‘creepy’. Acting as a maid, the player is left alone to wander the corridors and explore the rooms of a Victorian-esque house. However, ‘alone’ is used in the loosest possible sense, as while no physical presence accompanies you there’s certainly something very supernatural close behind. Weeping Doll has the player involved in pathfinding and puzzle solving, and is perhaps the most ‘traditional’ videogame horror experience currently heading to PlayStation VR.

Weeping Doll4

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