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The Best of PlayStation VR Launch: Shooting Games

Shooters, especially FPS, are going to be available in abundance, so we have weeded out only the best.

There’s no denying it: shooting games are going to be the most popular and dense section in the PlayStation Store. But with all of this choice, and you wanting the best games that will be out there from day one, you have to take it from us which titles are unmissable.

Check out the list below for why exactly we have chosen the retro Rez Infinite from Enhance Games, EVE: Valkyrie from CCP Games, and World War Toons from Studio Roqovan Inc.

Rez Infinite –  Enhance Games

This isn’t your usual harsh and gritty looking shoot-em-up type of title, and you can tell that from the psychedelic aesthetics, but there is so much soul attached to it as it is the long awaited sequel to the Dreamcast title Rez. This is something that you will quickly and easily be sucked into, from its intriguing look down to its playability – there’s also a pretty sweet merch line for it, too.

Rez Infinite 13

EVE: Gunjack – CCP Games

I know what you’re thinking – what about EVE: Valkyrie? Well, EVE: Gunjack has something spectacular about it that we most certainly didn’t want you missing out on it or overlooking it in any way, especially as it was only recently announced as a launch title. This is pretty one-tracked, but there is much skill needed in order to complete your mission. Imagine this: You take on the role of a gun turret operator on the Kubera, the largest mining vessel ever constructed, in the Outer Ring region of known space. It is up to you to protect the base from pirates and such, resulting in crazy shoot outs. Just look at it – it is beautiful.

eve gunjack

World War Toons – Studio Roqovan Inc.

You may have noticed that Reload Studios has given itself a whole new revamp, calling itself Studio Roqovan Inc., so this means that the studio is all about big business now, and that is exactly what World War Toons reflects. You jump into a crazy cartoon world where you’re surrounded by unique characters, all in the time setting of World War II – except it is not quite the same. There are different classes that you can choose from, similar to most multiplayer FPS titles, and boy do each of them make a different impact. This is one of the best as it has been developed for a while, and by a very able team, many of which are Call of Duty veterans – so they really know what shooters are all about. Have we also mentioned it has a badass trailer?

World War Toons Dread Zepplin

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