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This Week in VR Sport: American Football, Virtual American Football & More.

Watch the game, or get ready to play the game.

Welcome again to your weekend round-up of everything relating to virtual reality (VR) and also augmented reality (AR) in any and all fields relating to sport. This last week of course saw a number of sports related games released as part of the PlayStation VR launch line-up, the best of which you can discover in our feature series we’ve been publishing for the last fortnight. There’s even a piece entirely dedicated to sport games.

NextVR To Provide VR Highlights of University of Notre Dame vs Stanford University

NextVR has previously broadcast American Football games and will do so again with tonight’s game between Standford and Notre Dame. As with previous outings NextVR will use multiple cameras located around the field providing viewers with different angles and vantage points to watch the proceedings. As reported on Friday, NextVR will release several 360-degree highlight packages throughout the game, concluding each quarter with audio commentary from University of Notre Dame alumnus, Heisman Trophy winner and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Tim Brown and NBC announcers.

NextVR notre-dame-football

“We are pleased to be working with NextVR, in conjunction with our long time media partner NBC Sports, to pilot new fan experiences that bring them closer to the action,” said Dan Skendzel, Senior Associate Athletics Director for Media and Branding.

NextVR will also be offering exclusive content from Brown. Available on-demand in mid-November fans will be able to access behind-the-scenes game day experiences including tailgating, the Notre Dame player walk to Notre Dame Stadium and other pre-game festivities. The NextVR app is available through the Samsung Gear VR platform.

Sanzaru Games Release New Screenshots For VR Sports Challenge

Sticking with American Football, Sanzaru Games have released new screenshots for their title VR Sports Challenge. At the beginning of the week we showcased some of the newer American Football screens that showed off the Oculus title in action. However we did not show you the other set of screenshots relating to basketball. You can see these below.

VRSports_Basketball_Dunk09 VRSports_Basketball_Dunk08 VRSports_Basketball_Dunk07 VRSports_Basketball_Dunk06 VRSports_Basketball_Dunk05 VRSports_Basketball_Dunk04 VRSports_Basketball_Dunk03 VRSports_Basketball_Dunk02 VRSports_Basketball_Dunk01 VRSports_Basketball_3Point94 VRSports_Basketball_3Point93 VRSports_Basketball_3Point92 VRSports_Basketball_3Point91 VRSports_Basketball_3Point90 VRSports_Basketball_3Point89 VRSports_Basketball_3Point88 VRSports_Basketball_3Point87 VRSports_Basketball_3Point86 VRSports_Basketball_3Point85 VRSports_Basketball_3Point84 VRSports_Basketball_3Point83 VRSports_Basketball_3Point82 VRSports_Basketball_3Point81 VRSports_Basketball_3Point80 VRSports_Basketball_3Point79 VRSports_Basketball_3Point78

For more of the latest sports and VR combinations as well as all the other news, updates, and features relating to both VR and AR, to check back regularly with VRFocus.

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