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This Week in VR Sport: India Brings Live Events to VR & Enjoy the Top Games in VR With Steam’s Latest Releases

There is one major news piece to come from this week, and several releases.

This week in VR sport we concentrate on what India has to offer the VR space with the broadcast of one of the nation’s ancient sports, followed by a varied list of releases from the Steam Store.

VOKE Pairs Up With Star India to Bring Live VR Sport to the Nation

Star India is one of the biggest sporting media bodies in India, and now VOKE VR has paired up with them to bring sporting in India to VR, starting with the Kabaddi World Cup in Ahmedabad which started yesterday and ends on the 22nd October.

voke vr star india

“Star India is one of the most iconic media companies in the world and has been focused on transforming sports in India. This partnership will allow them to provide live, immersive virtual reality experiences to their users for the first time,” VOKE co-founder and CEO Dr. Sankar Jayaram said. “The flexibility of our technology platform is unique and enables media companies to reach their audiences across a variety of mediums and deliver personalized VR experiences to all fans like never before.”

This Kabaddi World Cup is available to Hotstar members with Google Cardboard and Gear VR head-mounted displays (HMD).

More Golfing, Football, Baseball & Basketball Experiences Come to the Vive and Rift This Week

This week has seen the release of World of Golf, Hat Trick Header, Basketball Babe, and PITCH-HIT: BASEBALL, each of which offer a very different kind of sport, and experience as a result, some of which may even make you question whether or not it is really about the sport (we will give you one guess which of the titles it is).

hat trick header

World of Golf is as close to the full sport as you’re going to get in comparison with the other titles listed below. It is available for £6.59 (GBP), 40% less than the original price of £10.99.

Hat Trick Header is a football title which concentrates on only one skill, making it easy enough to pick up how to play the game, but still takes a certain level of skill to complete. Header the ball at various bubbles that give you a higher score, but try not to get whiplash. It is available for the HTC Vive for £5.94, which is discounted from its original price of £6.99.

Basketball Babe – if you guessed that this would be the title that is less about the Basketball and more about the Babe, then  give yourself a pat on the back. You are given two basketballs, one in each hand (obviously nothing implied there, ugh…), and a chesty girl standing in front of you trying to block your aim who is seen cowering away when you do in fact hit her. There is one thing to note from the developers, however: “If you are not Chinese player, you don’t need to install this.”. It is available on Steam for free as it is DLC for Basketball Babe, which is non-VR and is £14.99.

Finally, PITCH-HIT: BASEBALL comes across as a usual batting title, but in fact there is so much more involved – namely aliens. There are “super-real physics” to be enjoyed, as well as multiple levels and pitching modes. Check it out for £7.99 for the HTC Vive.

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