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Oculus Touch

Train as an Astronaut with NASA’s Mission ISS for Oculus Touch

Be an astronaut with Oculus Touch’s Mission ISS.

Virtual reality (VR) enables users to see, explore and immerse themselves in all kinds of fantastical worlds, but it can also be used to train people for real life challenges as well. At the Oculus Connect 3 conference today Oculus’ Head of Content Jason Rubin took to the stage to reveal all the latest titles coming to Oculus Touch. As part of the keynote Rubin revealed that gamers will be able to get their hands on Mission ISS, a piece of software used by NASA.

NASA has been using Mission ISS along with Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch to train its astronauts before they head into space. Rubin stated: “How many of you out there have ever wonder that it’s like to be an astronaut? Well with NASA’s help we’re going to let you try just that with Mission ISS.” Pointing to the video behind him, Rubin added: “Now there’s a reason that these graphics look so true to life, astronauts are being trained with Mission ISS, the Rift, and Touch, and we’re going to release it to the community.”

Mission ISS - Jason Rubin

Rubin didn’t go into further details on when Mission ISS would be available, so anyone interested will have to wait for further details before heading of on their next space mission.

Most of the big news today has centred around Oculus Touch with new titles being shown including, Arktika.1 from 4A Games, Robo Recall by Epic Games and Lone Echo from Ready at Dawn. The motion controllers will be shipping on 6th December 2016, with pre-orders beginning on 10th October, with a price of $199 USD.

There’s going to be lots more in store from Oculus Connect 3, so keep reading VRFocus for the latest news.

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