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Lethal VR - Uzi screenshot

Train Those Gun Skills as Lethal VR is Revealed by Team17

The shooter will arrive next month for HTC Vive.

If there’s one thing virtual reality (VR) headsets, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR do well its gallery shooting videogames. The Vive has titles such as The Brookhaven Experiment, while PlayStation VR has Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and Pixel Gear to name just a few. Now Team17 – the developer most well known for the Worms franchise – has revealed a new VR title its set to publish called Lethal VR.

Created by Three Fields Entertainment, the studio behind Burnout, BLACK and Dangerous Golf, Lethal VR is a first-person shooter set in a 360-degree shooting alley.

Players take the role of an FBI recruit being assessed for their gun skills, in a fast action, arcade style experience. As showcased in the trailer below, there’s a variety of challenges in store with stationary targets to shoot, moving ones, hostage situations where the aim has to be super accurate and more. Scores will be awarded for accuracy, hitting the red centres or heads of bad guys for extra points. And its not just guns that’ll be on offer, knife throwing will also available for those stealthy silent kills.

Apart from the knifes, other weapons shown in the video include pistols, revolvers, Uzi’s, semi-automatic pistols and throwing stars, some of which can be duel wielded.

A release date for the HTC Vive is scheduled for 8th November 2016, while the PlayStation VR version currently has a tentative release window of ‘Holiday 2016’.

As VRFocus learns more about Lethal VR we’ll report back accordingly.

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