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Unity Continues VR Improvements with Latest Update

The next Unity update is now live.

While most of the news at present revolves around the PlayStation VR launch Unity Technologies has released its latest update for its middleware engine. Unity has now been updated to version 5.4.2, and with it several fixes and improvements to its virtual reality (VR) support.

The company has now updated its Oculus plugin to version 1.8 as the main improvement, whilst fixing issues with ‘WaitForEndOfFrame when VR is active’, ‘Recreate when Oculus service requests restart’ and ‘Removed audio output warning when Unity Audio is Disabled’


Whilst not a get deal of VR additions it continues Unity’s stance on supporting VR – it’s one of the most popular engines being used by VR developers on the market.

The previous version, 5.4.1 saw a much greater selection of VR updates when its arrived early on in September, upgrading SDKs of GearVR to 1.7.1 and OpenVR to 1.0.2., as well as the Mac version of the editor can now add OpenVR as a VR platform when targeting the Windows player and Stereo View and Projection Matrices can be set individually through scripting API.

As for further additions the Unity roadmap currently doesn’t list anything VR specific, but its does state that the Beta 5.5 version will include Microsoft’s mixed reality (MR) head-mounted display (HMD), HoloLens. Unity does already support the headset, so what’ll be coming in the scheduled November version isn’t clear yet.

As Unity unveils further support for VR/MR and augmented reality (AR), VRFocus will let you know.

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