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VR Medieval Sandbox Yore VR Arrives on Steam Early Access

There’s currently a 25% discount available for Yore VR.

If you yearn for a simpler time when humanity lived in forests, cut wood, and daily life was about survival rather than emails, social media and the rest of it then take a look at Yore VR. Created by Tectonic VR, Yore VR is an open-world sandbox title built from the ground up for virtual reality (VR) with support for HTC Vive.

Launched on Steam Early Access, Yore VR is all about crafting your own medieval village. In its current state the videogame features smelting and blacksmithing so that players can refine ore and create basic weapons. Weapons available will include four crossbows along with normal bow and arrows.

Yore VR - Town image

As Yore VR is open-world the developer has implemented several movement systems to cater for players both experienced and in-experienced in using VR. There’s the teleportation method – ideal for those that suffer from simulator sickness – which has a range of 10 meters but can’t be used while pulling the cart to move supplies. Then there’s the point and click walking, in which players simply select a destination and Tectonic VR’s pathfinding system takes them there at steady pace. Finally there’s the full d-pad movement system turning one of the HTC Vive’s touch pads into a d-pad. This is the traditional style of moving in videogames but can seriously cause sim sickness in some players, its best left to those who’re used to VR.

The studio plans to be in early access for around 12 – 16 months, in that time more is planned, including crafting systems, dungeons and eventually multiplayer and PvP.

Yore VR is available on Steam Early Access for a limited time discount. Steam users can get 25 percent off until 31st, October 2016. This drops the price from £14.99 GBP to £11.24.

For all the latest VR releases on Steam and further coverage of Yore VR, keep reading VRFocus.

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