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VRChat Gets $1.2 Million in Seed Investment By HTC and Others

The money has been put towards making sure the platform grows and develops.

The success of the virtual reality (VR) social platform VRChat has proved itself worthy of lots and lots of investment, and HTC as well as other companies have given that funding to it.

The other companies who have also lent a hand in the seed investment worth $1.2 million (USD) were Rothenberg Ventures, GREE VR Capital, and Brightstone Venture Capital, and the funding will be put towards the expansion and of the platform.

vrchat campfire

“HTC has been at the forefront of consumer VR, pioneering several ground breaking technologies and working tirelessly to deliver the best VR experiences on the market, winning multiple awards and receiving critical acclaim from media, consumers and the industry,” said Joel Breton, VP of Global VR Content at HTC, in a press release. “With our investment in VRChat, we look to further our ultimate vision: to bring VR into the lives of people around the globe so they can experience immersive social VR in a way that fires the imagination and truly changes the world.”

“We offer users one application with infinite social VR experiences. We empower users to create their own social VR experience, where users have the freedom to easily create their own avatars, worlds, hangouts and games, and then explore that content with their friends. We’re working hard to build that platform, and this capital helps us get there faster,” said Graham Gaylor, Founder and CEO of VRChat. “We’re excited to have a syndicate of partners on board that provide us with not only capital, but also vast strategic experience in the VR ecosystem.”

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