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Watch How Oculus’ Standalone VR Prototype Device the “Santa Cruz” Works in This Short Intro Video

No PC, not even a mobile device, just the headset itself.

Yes, it seems as though each of the head-mounted displays (HMD) are going along the same line of experiementation with the HTC Vive being tweaked to become wireless, but Oculus has gone that step further. It was announced earlier that Oculus had been working on a standalone HMD, and now you can see exactly what is meant by it in the introductory video that was showing during the first Oculus Connect 3 keynote.

By standalone we don’t mean simply wireless, but completely independent of an additional machine to store and create the experiences. The Santa Cruz Prototype is to be a device encased in itself with its own storage for VR experiences, described to be the “sweet spot” between mobile and PC VR.

Standalone VR Oculus - 2

Although the video is short, it shows how users can move around and do just the same as they do in the Oculus Rift now, but without any added tech.

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