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Weeping Doll title

UPDATED: Weeping Doll Brings Halloween Scares to PlayStation VR

Oasis Games’ third PlayStation VR title arrives on the PlayStation Network: Weeping Doll.

Oasis Games Ltd. has today launched Weeping Doll, its third PlayStation VR title in as many weeks. The adventure videogame is a dark, story-driven psychological mystery where dolls come alive fuelled by the negative thoughts of their child owners.

Weeping Doll screenshot

Weeping Doll tasks players with exploring different environments in a first-person perspective as they attempt to solve difficult puzzles as a tortured girl’s doll takes revenge on her parents. Playing as the maid inside the Victorian home of a Japanese family, there’s a mystery to unravel after realising that the family has disappeared.

Weeping Doll arrives just in time for Halloween to bring a spooky psychological adventure to PlayStation VR gamers looking for a touch of the macabre,” said Alen Wu, business director at Oasis Games. “Step into a mansion filled with hidden tragedies and discover a story that unfolds as you solve its ghostly secrets.”

A mechanic wherein the player projects their maid avatar in discrete steps to whatever spot they want to explore, Weeping Doll aims to bypass any potential discomfort while still enjoying full freedom of movement. Weeping Doll, which is developed using Unreal 4 Engine, has been developed by TianShe Media and is published by Oasis Games in North America, Europe and Asia for the PlayStation VR.

Weeping Doll screenshot

From 27th October 2016 through 3rd November 2016, the videogame will have a 10% discount off the base price of $9.99 USD and a 20% discount for PlayStation Plus members (the 10% off discount applies only to North America). Weeping Doll will launch in Asia on 2nd November 2016, and is also currently in development for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Weeping Doll and other titles from Oasis Games.

UPDATE: VRFocus have been informed that the previously announced discounts are currently not available so the price remains $9.99 USD

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