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You Can Livestream Your Gear VR Experience on Facebook By the End of the Year

You will also get a report of your streaming after you finish.

One of the common themes throughout the first keynote at Oculus Connect 3 was interactivity and social virtual reality (VR). Max Cohen took to the stage and shared with both the audience there and those who tuned in online that livestreaming of games and apps on the Gear VR is to commence, and soon.

Head of Oculus Mobile, Max Cohen, got straight to the point when it came to how we could share our Gear VR moments: “More often you’ll have more friends outside of VR than inside at any given time, so we’re going to launch livestreaming later this year so you can share your in-VR experience with anyone on Facebook.”

oculus connect 3 live streaming

He goes on to show what Wands would look like, and that at the end of your livestream you would then get a report on how well the livestream was received with the usual Facebook reactions.

There has been much cross platform interaction with Facebook and Oculus, much more so now that it has become a more mass-consumer piece of tech, including the effortless integration of Facebook within VR as Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated.

This livestreaming feature will be effective as of the end of the year.

For more on the incredible volume of news that was the result of the first keynote at Oculus Connect 3, as well as all the news, updates, and features in the world of VR, make sure to check back with VRFocus.

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