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20 Years Later, Japan-Only PlayStation Title Kowloon’s Gate To Get Crowdfunded VR Follow-Up

After two decades, a Japanese cult hit returns – this time to the PlayStation VR.

There are many different ways of crowdfunding,or in other ways getting support for a virtual reality (VR) project. There is of course the audience seal of approval that is Steam Greenlight, and financially there is crowdfunding via Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Those are not the only paths to travel, however. And one title that has gone a different route is Kowloon’s Gate VR, a production by JETMAN. Which has found support via camp-fire.jp.

Kowloon's Gate VR

Made by the same team that created the original Japanese cult hit for the PlayStation back in 1997. The crowdfunding has seen a sequel twenty years in the making not just funded, but funded three times over with a final total pledged of over nine million yen.

The original saw the reappearance of a long lost walled city in Hong Kong. Prompting residents to believe that the ying and yang of the world was becoming out of balance. And, if nothing were to be done something terrible would happen. The new version will see users able to walk around the city which will change on ‘a daily basis’. The developers have also teased that characters found in the first game may well be encountered in the next.

The new game is already in production for the PlayStation VR and a preview can be found below. VRFocus will bring you more information as to what form the title will take as we get it.

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