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Merge VR HMD

A Guide to Mobile VR: Merge VR

Here’s everything you need to know about the mobile headset to make a decision.

This is the unsung hero of mobile virtual reality (VR): Merge. The Merge VR head-mounted display (HMD), or goggles, may come off as something for a younger audience, or perhaps even less experienced, but there is practically no difference between this and the likes of the Google Cardboard or even verging onto Samsung Gear VR. Really, this does all come down to preference and what you like visually, but that is all that should legitimately change your opinion on this HMD.

Phone compatibility

As previously stated, it is the same as a Google Cardboard – it is compatible with iPhone and Android. What it officially says is “The Merge VR Goggles are compatible with nearly any iOS and Android device from the last two years.” Realistically, most people will have updated their phones in the past two years, especially if they are considering new tech such as VR, so it has a great amount of accessibility.



This is what sets it apart from all other mobile HMDs. It has a distinctive purple colour, and it is actually made out of a hard foam, so there is no chance of either losing it or breaking it.

There are dual input buttons which is a new way of interacting with the VR app you are using, and (dare I say it) is probably one of the most intuitive designs for buttons on a mobile HMD when there are no controls to be had. On top of this there is also anti-fog ventilation, which is the equivalent to having a cup holder in your car: not essential but certainly useful.

There is also a handy little removable compartment that lets you engage with augmented reality (VR) applications, something that pretty much none of the other HMDs take into account.

Merge VR HMD



There is no need for accessories as the buttons on the HMD do all the work for you.

Type of Content

Not to sound like a broken record, but it is just the same as the Google Cardboard. Anything that is available on either the Google Play Store or iTunes is right up Merge VR’s alley. So, in reality, there is a fantastic amount of content for this HMD.


How much does it cost?

Merge VR is available for $79 (USD), which isn’t too different when converted to GBP. When considering that this is exactly the same as the Google Cardboard – bar a few of design choices – it can come across a little pricey. But, considering all other high-end HMDs would require you to have a very up-to-date phone along with the HMD, it is still a manageable price.


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