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Creative Works Announces KWP Partnership For Mixed Reality Attraction

An alliance to create “a truly unique digital game experience”

We’ve discussed on a number of occasions at VRFocus the ongoing development of virtual reality (VR) entertainment experiences outside of the home. Be is a large-scale multiplayer experience as with The VOID’s Ghostbusters: Dimension or a theme park ride such as Derren Brown’s Ghost Train ride at the UK’s Alton Towers resort. Now amusement attraction designers Creative Works have inked a new exclusive deal with KWP’s Kevin Williams.

Creative Works, who manufacture all aspects of amusement attractions from designing the venues to manufacturing props and effects will be working with Williams to create a new attraction that won’t be VR-based but in this instance a Mixed Reality (MR) experience. As the company puts it in a press statement: “This attraction won’t be VR and it won’t be real life. Rather, it will bridge the gap to deliver the best of both worlds while eliminating the weaknesses of each.”


Williams of course is a well known figure in the industry, particularly the pay-to-play scene; with an extensive background in the development and application of amusement and attraction technologies. Williams will also be familiar to VRFocus readers for his series of articles on this very subject, The Virtual Arena. The most recent edition of which was about sharing headsets in the public space which you can read here.

Speaking on the partnership and the project before them, Creative Works co-owner Armando Lanuti commented that “Too many vendors in our industry fear the advancements with in-home entertainment and technology. Rather than fear it, we want to understand it so we can take the successful elements and, with the support of KWP, craft a truly unique digital game experience that will define the sector’s future.”

The depth and details of this MR project have yet to be revealed,but both parties promise that they will “follow shortly”. VRFocus will be bring you more when announced.

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