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Viral EX Screenshot2

Fierce Kaiju Release Oculus Touch Launch Trailer for Viral EX

New footage showcases what’s in store for Oculus Rift owners.

In less than two weeks Oculus releases its Touch motion controllers, and the Rift begins a new era of interactivity. Plenty of titles have been confirmed for the launch window release of Oculus Touch including Fierce Kaiju’s first-person shooter (FPS), Viral EX. The developer announced the remastered version of the Samsung Gear VR original last month and today its launched a brand new trailer for the experience.

The video showcases how Viral EX can be used with both Oculus Touch or with the standard Xbox One controller, so Rift owners won’t need the £190 GBP controllers to enjoy the title.

Viral EX Screenshot1

Just as the original, players take control of Ragnarok the Anti-Virus who does the bidding of the sentient AI known as E.V.E. Taking advantage of the extra power afforded the Oculus Rift, Fierce Kaiju has created a glossier looking videogame with all the taught, frantic gameplay still in place. Players will be able to wage war across 50 stages filled enemies, traps and puzzles. Those that own Oculus Touch will have access to a new dual-wield blaster and deflector shield combo.

Fierce Kaiju is continuing its support of Gear VR with a sequel to Viral with Viral: Quarantine due to be released on the mobile virtual reality (VR) platform this year. This time Ragnarok finds itself in quarantine – a place viruses are kept before deletion – and continues its normal work. Viral: Quarantine adds some new options including several new pieces of weaponry, such the Lure which attracts viruses in for an easier kill, and the Manipulator, allowing enemies to be picked up and smashed into the floor.

Checkout the video below to see what’s in store for Oculus Rift, and keep reading VRFocus for all the latest news from Fierce Kaiju.

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