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First Google Daydream View Game Launches: Tropical Dream VR [UPDATE]

The first Google Daydream View videogame has launched, ahead of the device itself.

The first videogame title for Google Daydream View is already available, despite the head-mounted display (HMD) itself not launching until later this week. Tropical Dream VR, developed by Ninja VR, is available to download via Google Play now.

Tropical Dream VR Daydream screenshot

A relaxing experience set at a tropical beach resort, Tropical Dream VR offers plates the opportunity to enjoy a sense of freedom and peace as you swim in crystal clear water, surrounded by schools of tropical fish, dolphins and seagulls. The soundtrack is the simple sounds of the nature, directly recorded from a real-world ocean setting. Furthermore, Tropical Dream VR offers the opportunity to experience this relaxing location with friends online.

“We added multiplayer support and realtime voice chat: we use Opus codecs, the best possible codecs when it is about voice chat (same codecs used by Skype). We are trying to offer our users the best we can with the existing technology,” stated Sergio Giucastro of Ninja VR in conversation with VRFocus. “And porting Tropical Dream to DayDream is an extra step in that direction.”

Tropical Dream VR originally launched on Google Cardboard in August of this year, and that application is now updated to support Google Daydream View. The download is universal to these platforms, automatically detecting which HMD the player is using.

“Supporting Daydream does not mean stop supporting Google Cardboard devices; when the phone is not Daydream ready, the game engine will switch to the legacy Cardboard drivers,” explains Giucastro.

It should also be noted that, thanks to the recently launched Google Pixel smartphone, Ninja VR has improved the visual fidelity of Tropical Dream VR specifically for Google Daydream View: “On a Daydream device we are able to use the extra capabilities to get light reflections that simulate the behaviour of materials like silk or human hair.”

Tropical Dream VR is available to download via Google Play now, and is also in development for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Tropical Dream VR and other forthcoming Google Daydream View videogame titles and software.

UPDATE: Since the publication of this article Google has confirmed to VRFocus that Google Daydream View compatible apps will benefit from placement within the official Google Daydream View app upon its launch later this week.

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