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The Arcslinger art

Google Daydream View Exclusive The Arcslinger Detailed in New Trailer

Another day, another Google Daydream exclusive videogame gets a trailer.

The highly anticipated launch of Google’s mobile virtual reality (VR) device, Google Daydream View, is only one day away. As we approach the release date a number of exclusive titles have revealed brand new information, including Climax Studios’ Hunters Gate and nDreams’ Danger Goat. Now, we can add Big Red Button Entertainment’s The Arcslinger to that list.

The Arcslinger art

Little is actually known about The Arcslinger. Big Red Button’s own description is limited to precisely: ‘Get yer trigger finger ready in the fast paced arcade shootin’ VR world of The Arcslinger’. However, this brand new trailer showcases some of the action players can expect from the Google Daydream View exclusive title.

The debut trailer for The Arcslinger, embedded below, showcases a fantasy Wild West setting filled with bizarre bi-pedal takes on animals such as cats, alligators and pigs. The gameplay appears to set these creatures as enemies in a gallery shooter; a genre that VR aficionados are undoubtedly already very familiar with.

Google Daydream View is set to launch tomorrow, 10th November 2016, alongside a number of exclusive launch titles. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Google Daydream View and the many videogames coming on day one and beyond.

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