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Google Tilt Brush Removed from HTC Vive Software Bundle

The app has quietly been dropped from the free content bundle.

Ever since the HTC Vive launched back in April this year anyone purchasing the head-mounted display (HMD) received a free software bundle with three titles, one of which was painting app Google Tilt Brush. Now HTC has quietly dropped the app from the bundle which seems to be due to the contract expiring with Google.

Originally Job Simulator by Owlchemy Labs and Fantastic Contraption by Northway Games were included along with Tilt Brush. Then in August HTC swapped those two over for The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed by Cloudhead Games and Zombie Training Simulator by Acceleroto.

Tilt Brush - Audio Reactive

As of today Google Tilt Brush no longer features on the software listings on its official website and it seems its to do with Google itself. On a Reddit posting a user contacted the HTC Vive Customer Support Centre regarding the apps missing key. The response they got was: “With regards to your inquiry, kindly note that Tilt brush is currently not valid as our contract with google for this promotion on the 31st of October. we apologize for the inconvenience.

“Please note that if you purchased the unit from our website before the 31st of October we can escalate the case for you so please reply in this case with your order number.”

Neither Google or HTC Vive have made any announcements revealing the app would be dropped from the bundle, and while it can still be purchased through Steam for £22.99 GBP, it does mean newer owners of the headset are less likely to use the app in favour of spending their cash on a brand new videogame instead.

Yesterday VRFocus reported on HTC Vive offering new customers who purchase the headset through it online store free delivery, giving a decent saving for some countries, although certain territories like Australia were excluded.

VRFocus has contact the HTC Vive team for further comment, and we’ll report back any further details when we get them.

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