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Hayden Zezula Focuses on Climate Change for MTV’s Open Your Eyes Campaign

‘EYES’ is the next VR piece from MTV’s campaign.

Today’s the big day when Americans get to cast their vote in the presidential election, deciding who they want to run the country for the next four years. To coincide with this MTV has been running the Open Your Eyes campaign, a virtual reality (VR) art showcase where artists voice their concerns on various social issues. VRFocus has been covering these creators with a daily piece highlighting one particular artist. Today its the turn of Hayden Zezula with his Google Tilt Brush artwork EYES, focusing on climate change and pollution.  

In a brief synopsis on the campaign’s website Zezula said: “The topic I chose is climate change and pollution. I wanted to create a visual representation of something we often don’t think about and give it a face. “eyes” looks into you and forces you to acknowledge its existence.”

Below you find a short interview with the artist, a video highlighting the EYES artwork, and then the fully interactive piece which is available through Sketchfab.

Previously VRFocus has covered Dave Persue’s piece Wrong Hands, focusing on gun violence, Tyler Wallach Studio’s Pulse 49, which looks at issues surrounding LGBTQ rights, and New York-based JCORP, whose artwork Not Your Baby highlights rape culture.

Even with the election today there are still more artists to come, so keep reading VRFocus for the latest additions.

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