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Updated: Head into Combat as Overkill VR Arrives for HTC Vive

No Early Access needed for this shooter. (For a short period, anyway…)

It was only last week that VRFocus reported on developer Starloop Studios plans to enter Steam Early Access for its first-person shooter (FPS) Overkill VR this week. It seems as though the team changed its mind about early access as Overkill VR has now fully launched for HTC Vive.

Overkill VR is a no holds barred FPS with players leading a group of resistance fighters against ‘The Faction’, an evil group looking to control everyone.

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While gameplay is about killing as many enemies as possible, it’s also about choosing the right tool for the job. With over 30 customisable weapons to pick from, ranging from classic shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and machine guns, to super powered futuristic firearms like the KRISS Vektor, there’s something for everyone’s preference.

“With Overkill VR we pursued maximizing the capabilities of the HTC VIVE headset” says Jesús Bosch, CEO at Game Troopers. “Overkill VR is the first VR shooter made exclusively for HTC VIVE which brings you the look and feel of future war”.

When VRFocus reported on the early access version, Starloop Studios and publisher Game Troopers had originally stated the full title would be completed by March 2017, with five major updates being released in that time. Early Access was due to begin yesterday, but as its now available as a fully fledged title we’ll have to wait and see if further content is issued as an update or DLC.

Overkill VR is priced at $19.99 USD/£14.99 GBP, and Starloop has previously stated in-game purchases for aesthetics add-ons such as gun skins maybe added, but those plans aren’t yet finalised.

For all the latest updates on Overkill VR, keep reading VRFocus.

Update: Further to previous VRFocus has been informed that the game title being released outside of Early Access was a mistake. The game is now back under Early Access.

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