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HTC Hints at 2nd Generation Vive Reveal

HTC are already teasing the reveal of a new consumer version of the HTC Vive.

The consumer version of HTC Vive launched in April of this year, and the collaboration between Valve and HTC has only strengthened the proposition of modern virtual reality (VR). This collaboration is showing no signs of slowing down, as HTC has hinted that a 2nd generation head-mounted display (HMD) could be revealed in a matter of months.

HTC Vive hardware render

In a recent discussion regarding the company’s future VR plans, Rikard Steiber, SVP of Virtual Reality at HTC, told TechCrunch that new HTC Vive HMDs are currently in development.

“This is year one as far as this set of virtual reality experiences go,” Steiber told TechCrunch. “I think with the amount of innovation going on in the space and the amount of players coming into the space, I do think that innovation cycles will be sort of annual.”

The writer of the piece on TechCrunch, Lucas Matney, subsequently tweeted the following:

“TC: When is the next consumer Vive on the way? HTC Exec: “I would come to CES, I think CES is going to be very exciting.””

The most likely update for the HTC at this point would concern form factor, ease of installation and refined Lighthouse tracking. The TechCrunch article details the HTC Vive installations China and Taiwan that utilise additional peripherals, however HTC followed up with TechCrunch to state that these were not intended on becoming part of the consumer offering for the HTC Vive.

CES takes place in Las Vegas, 5th – 8th January 2017. VRFocus will be there to bring you all the latest details on a potential reveal of a new HTC Vive consumer edition.

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