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HTC Vive Horror Title Cradle of Links Arrives on Steam Greenlight

A new VR horror experience looks for support from the Steam community.

Steam Greenlight is a useful avenue for indie developers to gauge interest in their projects and start the process of getting titles onto the platform. Many virtual reality (VR) developers have gone through the process and this week ReloadWorld Studio and Megalodon Games are looking to get horror title Cradle of Links Greenlit.

Set in an unnamed town in 1860’s England, Cradle of Links is a first-person shooter (FPS) designed for HTC Vive where an infection has wiped out the inhabitants creating a ghost town. But its not empty, with the place quarantined wild animals roam the streets but these are nothing to the horrors that wait.

Cradle of Links screenshot

Cradle of Links features complete freedom of movement – no teleporting – which can work for and against some VR titles. There’ll be a range of weaponry for players to defend themselves from the nine enemy types, currently only shown is a heavy duty revolver. These opponents include powerful human like creatures and poisonous insektoids.

But Cradle of Links  isn’t just about wandering around a deserted town shooting everything in the way, there will be puzzles to solve, lots of hidden areas to discover, and items to interact with, including torches, gears, parts of mechanisms, chemicals and more.

There’s also the option to transfer the characters consciousness into the bodies of the previous inhabitants, enabling players to control them to perform tasks and utilise their resources.

ReloadWorld Studio and Megalodon Games have released an introductory trailer for Cradle of Links, showcasing some gameplay elements rather than just cinematic footage.

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