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HTC Vive’s Mobile Content Platform Viveport M Launches in China

360-degree videos, games and apps can now be found on the mobile platform.

Today HTC has expanded its Viveport virtual reality (VR) content store support by announcing the official launch of Viveport M.

Viveport M is a mobile extension of HTC Vive’s dedicated content store which first went into beta last month. Viveport M aims to provide more diverse and higher-quality mobile VR content and experiences to users with compatible Android devices. With it users can find and use mobile VR applications and 360-degree videos in both touch screen and VR modes.


Alvin W. Graylin, China Regional President of Vive, HTC, said, “Viveport is currently the leading VR content distribution platform in China. We are so excited to extend our high quality VR content to mobile users in China via the newly announced Viveport M. It’s an honour for Viveport M to be selected by so many top-level partners as their preferred distribution platform.”

Compatible with Viveport M is Vivepaper, the recently announced ‘Augmented Virtual Reality’ (A-VR) reading experience that delivers a cutting-edge reading experience through interactions with a physical object, such as a Vivepaper booklet.

To make sure Viveport M has sufficient content HTC has entered into an exclusive partnership with YoukuVR to deliver 360-degree videos to users from its library of over 100,000 immersive videos, including titles such as Enchanted China, Go Fighting! and Chinese National Girls.

And for gamers there’s a selection of categories of mobile VR games to choose from. Titles like Darknet, Heroes of the Seven Seas, Space Stalker, Snow Night, and Undercover Operations are all available on Viveport M, with additional VR apps to be added.

As an added bonus for Chinese shoppers, from today until 20th November 2016, those using Viveport M be able to receive a limited edition of Vive-branded VR cardboard display by downloading two or more titles (one must be a paid title) and sending a screenshot of the purchase to HTC Vive’s official public WeChat account. These will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.

HTC hasn’t detailed its plans for western audiences, as and when it does VRFocus will bring you the latest details.

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