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Lethal VR Screenshot

Lethal VR: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Lethal VR includes 24 Steam Achievements to unlock.

Last week Three Fields Entertainment launched its debut virtual reality (VR) title Lethal VR for HTC Vive. Published by Team17 the videogame is an arcade first-person shooter which includes 24 Steam Achievements, all of which VRFocus has listed below.

Lethal VR puts players in the role of an FBI recruit being assessed for their gun skills, with challenges including stationary targets to shoot, moving ones, hostage situations where the aim has to be super accurate and more. VRFocus reviewed Lethal VR for Vive, and there’s going to be a PlayStation VR version in the near future.

Lethal VR Screenshot

Full Achievement List:


  • Quick as a Flash
    • Score a Fast Draw rating
  • Centre Mass
    • Score a Bullseye with a knife
  • Headhunter
    • Score your first headshot
  • Faster than Light
    • Score a Quick Draw rating
  • Beginner
    • Get a rating for the Beginner Simulation
  • Million Dollar Shot
    • Get a rating with the Gold Plated Gun
  • Great Grouping
    • Score a Double Bullseye
  • Outback Legend
    • Get a rating with the Dundee Knife
  • Amateur
    • Get a rating for the Amateur Simulation
  • Double and down
    • Score a Double Headshot
  • Clean Sweep
    • Perform your first Perfect with any weapon
  • Six shots or only five?
    • Get a rating with Harry’s Gun
  • Shuriken
    • Get a rating with the Throwing Star
  • Rookie
    • Get a rating for the Rookie Simulation
  • Recruit
    • Get a rating for the Recruit Simulation
  • Triple Whammy
    • Score a Triple Headshot
  • And stay down
    • Score a Triple Bullseye
  • Remarkable
    • Get a rating with the Razor Tipped Hat
  • Agent
    • Get a rating for the Agent Simulation
  • Lethal
    • Get 10 Lethal Ratings
  • Your move, creep.
    • Get a rating with the OCP Gun
  • Double Tap
    • Shoot a bullseye and a headshot into a single target
  • Rated
    • Score a rating on every Round
  • Mr Perfect
    • Perform your first double Perfect
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