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Life In 360°: Gone In 360 Seconds – What Happens Next?

It’s a rarity indeed for us to revisit a previous Life in 360° entry but that is the case today. You may recall at the trail end of October we brought you news of a cinematic teaser trailer coming out of Australia.

Produced in association with Curtin University and directed by FTV & Screen Arts researcher Dr. Stuart Bender and Brandon D’Silva from Virtual Guest the teaser for Gone In 360 Seconds took you inside a garage that dealt with some particularly high-calibur motorcars. There was no time for admiring the vehicles though, as no sooner has the last coat of wax been finished than a heist begins.Gone In 360 Seconds

Now you have the chance to see the story unfold as Virtual Guest have released a version on YouTube and Littlstar from ‘Character Point of View’. A version in ‘Immersive Passive View’ is still set to be released in December whilst additional platforms are also still to be announced.

So, what happens next? Watch the video below to find out. VRFocus will be back with another Life In 360° on Monday.

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